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“Relatively few books have been written with assistant solicitors in mind, about how to succeed at the business of being a lawyer… fewer still have devised a programme for so doing that runs alongside a book. This book does both.”Law Society (The Law Management Section)

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Take the initiative on your 2010 goals

frogIt’s not only a new year, but also a new decade. In light of this, you’ve probably set yourself a few resolutions (lose weight, drink less, exercise more) and hopefully written down some specific work-related goals, along with a written plan for achieving them. (If you haven't done the latter, as described in my previous blog entry, I strongly suggest doing so.) And then I urge you to commit to a self-review plan in which you evaluate your progress. At the beginning of each month, figure out your immediate goals and then (at the end of the month) treat yourself to a personal review!

The truth is this: no one is going to care about your career as much as you, so, rather than rely upon your firm goal setting and appraisal structures (if they even have them) do it for yourself. Take the initiative.

Naturally, the more specific the goal, the easier it is to measure your progress toward it. But the single most important thing is that you monitor your goals regularly, maintain your focus, test your commitment, and feel confident that your goal continues to be the right one for you.

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